Monday, July 13, 2009

What I May Bring

I have recently been encouraged to begin writing again and it isn't so much a friend's personal affirmation that has sparked my resolve, as his words concerning how his faith life is strengthened by what he finds here. I am copying some of our written discussion because his thoughts have reminded me of what I may bring to others who look at and live life differently than I do. We were recently discussing the sometimes controversial (for those in the Church, that is) subject of caring for the earth and I wrote:

"I see absolutely no reason that the topic of caring for the earth we were put on should be controversial. Do we get so bent out of shape when someone suggests that we care for our home and protect it from degradation? Of course not. I know the topic is touchy and that some folks find it a political and social cause, which inflames other people's sentiments. But isn't it true that this is the only place we have to live and the less we care for it the more our own lives are compromised? Aside from all the other creatures that share the world with us..."

And my friend wrote back:

"You have such a very centered understanding of this topic (I was going to say “balanced” but that’s not exactly what I meant) because it is grounded in simply caring for the good gifts God has given us as well seeing and even hearing God in His Creation. Quite frankly, I give thanks to God for you and people like you who help people like me to think about these things in that divinely centered way."

So... if my writing helps anyone else to recognize and know God in the natural world He has given us and if If God can use the insights He has granted me to edify and strengthen others it will be reward enough for my literary labors. Keep your eyes and ears open as you walk through your days. God's presence is all around us, not only in the people we meet, but in the sights and sounds of His creatures and the works of His hands.


Jim said...

I'm glad to see you back at your blog, Ann. I have enjoyed reading your posts (as well as talking with you) about this that is clearly such a major part of your life. When i was a child my grandparents tried to teach me a fair bit about the "wild things" (we lived in a woods - very "Christopher Robin-ish") but i wasn't interested. Later, in college, my Intro to Bio course triggered a lot of those memories but, still, i wasn't interested. I can't say i have a passion for these things - at least not yet - but i do find myself wishing i had given greater attention at those times... You help me give attention, now.

Ann said...

You know, Jim, asking God for that long absent interest in "wild things" might just be a prayer that He has has been waiting to hear and would be eager to grant. I have to tell you, though, that if you do and if He does, your life will never be the same again. The prospect reminds me of somemething like what Bilbo told Frodo about stepping out your front door. You never know where the Road will take you. Keep me posted on your journey!