Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First Post

I’ve been giving a good deal of thought as to why I would have a blog and what I hope to accomplish through it. I have decided to give it a try for two reasons.

It is not uncommon for most of us to live our day to day lives without sharing much about our inner selves with those we care about, with those we love, even. The first reason for this blogging venture is especially for my grown children (Hi, kids!) and for anyone else who cares to know me better. I did not really know my parents though I grew up with them, of course. I knew what they did and what they chose to talk about but, now that they are gone, I wish I had asked them how they felt, what had really mattered in their lives and what they would have liked yet to accomplish, had they lived longer than they did. I hope that this blog might be a way for those who care to learn more of my heart and heritage find what they seek and be able to pass it on to their own children someday.

The second reason for writing has to do with my hope that readers may feel invited into my observations of the natural world that surrounds us. Many of us live busy lives and don’t always stop to notice the wonders and the joys of such sights and sounds as say….the first honeybees buzzing amongst the early snow crocuses in March, the cone-head katydids singing on a warm summer evening, barn swallows swooping through an August sky or the first brilliant red fall leaf coloring of a black gum tree in early autumn.

Perhaps if you read of such things here, it will bring you a sense of peace and also a sense of curiosity that may drive you outdoors to see for yourself. If so, let me know. And please post to the comments section what you, yourselves, are seeing. There is always something new to learn, for all of us.


Joanna said...

Yay Mom! Can I link you? The background color is looking a little bit pinkish to me.

I am excited that you are doing this, and look forward to reading on...

Much love,

Bekah said...

sounds cool! The color looks rusty-orange to me... I like it. Love you! bekah